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XecFitness Personal Fitness Programmes

XecFitness can provide 1 to 1 fitness programmes for the busy executive supported by a personal trainer and dietician based at your local gym, home or workplace. This intense 3 month programme will dramatically improve your fitness and stamina; increase your lean body mass whilst reducing visceral fat.

Improve your the fitness, self confidence and wellbeing today!

How it works

Our traditional Xec Personal Fitness Programme is 26 one-on-one sessions which consists of two sessions per week over a 12 week period. In this time frame we will effect a change in your body composition, shape and fitness levels. The course consists of two assessment sessions and 24 training sessions. In the first assessment we evaluate your fitness and calculate your starting level. We carry out heart-lung function (aerobic), strength to weight ratio, overall strength as well as measure your lean body mass. All of this data allows us to maximise the effectiveness of your fitness programme. This is followed by tuition in cardiovascular training techniques. During the first assessment you will also be given nutritional advice to aid and compliment your Xec Personal Fitness programme In the second assessment we teach you each and every exercise in great detail. This is done by breaking each exercise down into the individual components of posture, breathing, timing and core awareness. Everything is geared to giving you results by maximising your energy expenditure in minimal time. This is the true concept of working with your body, maintaining lean body mass and burning fat.

Wellbeing Programmes

XecFitness also specialise in providing organizational health and well-being programmes.

Based on your company's requirements, we'll tailor a package enabling you to understand your company's health profile and experience the benefits of having a healthier workforce which can include reduced health care costs, decreased absenteeism, increased sales and higher productivity.

We'll deliver fun, effective programmes which will foster a healthy culture and show your employees that you care about their welfare and take their health seriously.

The Facts & Figures

A recent CBI survey concluded that an estimated £16.5bn was lost in British industry in one year due to employee absenteeism.

The ‘Working for your Health Survey’ revealed that “….employees who are physically active are absent from work less often than their sedentary colleagues”. It is a fact that fitter executives and workers are more motivated, more enthusiastic, have more energy, have more self-esteem and more confidence. They are also far less likely to suffer from the silent killer - STRESS. Among other things, stress attacks our immune system and in many cases can lead to a significant amount of time off work. Obesity is another issue the government are highlighting. There are frightening statistics that suggest that more than half the adult population in the UK are now overweight. As a senior manager, if you have the ability to change your company’s view on employee health then consider the fact that a healthier workforce undoubtedly equates to: