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Download our sample fitness guides to experience how our system can work for you.

Additional Supplements
This guide details some of the additional supplements you can use to maximise your success. They are tried and tested products from reliable sources.
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The Essentials
When you get started you only need a quality Whey Protein and a high quality Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. This guide details the best sources of fitness supplements.
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Calculate your protein, Carbohydrate and Fat Requirements
Now that you have established your daily calorie requirements to lose weight (see our Setting Calorie Targets Guide)based on your lean body mass targets you can now calculate how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you must consume to maintain a balanced
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Calculating Calorie Intake to Lose Weight
In this guide we have detailed a number of ways to calculate the calories required to maintain weight and those required to lose weight for men and women. We recommend the Katch-McArdle Formula (BMR based on lean body weight). This is the most accurate
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Achieving your Weight Loss Goals
Goal setting is a powerful tool used by top athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields. The goal setting process allows you to turn vision into reality by helping you choose where and how to direct your ambition. More-over, properl
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Developing your Fitness Plan
When you start a Fitness programme it is essential that you do some preparation in planning for your success. Detailed in this guide is a step by step approach to achieving your Personal Fitness goals.
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