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Xec Fitness is dedicated to the specific health and fitness needs of busy executives and managers.

We provide:

Personal Fitness Programmes

XecFitness provides 1 to 1 fitness programmes for the busy executive supported by a personal trainer and dietician based at your local gym, home or workplace. This intense 3 month programme will dramatically improve your fitness and stamina; increase your lean body mass whilst reducing visceral fat.

Improve your the fitness, self confidence and wellbeing today!


Wellbeing Programmes

XecFitness also specialise in providing organizational health and well-being programmes. Based on your company's requirements, we'll tailor a package enabling you to understand your company's health profile and experience the benefits of having a healthier workforce which can include reduced health care costs, decreased absenteeism, increased sales and higher productivity.

We'll deliver fun, effective programmes which will foster a healthy culture and show your employees that you care about their welfare and take their health seriously.